Hand-crafted candles

Made by our visually challenged group

Where it all began..

After losing his eyesight completely, our founder Mr. Bhavesh Bhatia joined National Association For the Blind (NAB) and took training in candle making. He did a 4-month rehabilitation course where he was taught how to make candles for a living.

He started making plain candles and worked as a street vendor in front of Holy Cross church in Mahabaleshwar. Setting aside Rs 25 per day for next day’s raw material.

A special scheme by NAB for blind people helped Bhavesh get a loan of Rs 15000 from Satara Bank. With this money, Bhavesh purchased 15 kg of wax, two dyes and a hand cart.

Sunrise Candles employs a team of 225 visually impaired people, imports wax from UK and manufactures different kinds of candle which include pillar candles, floating candles, novelty candles, gel candles, toy shaped candles, fruit basket candle and traditional candles. We have developed more than 9000 scented, plain and aromatherapy candle designs.

Our clientele includes Reliance Industries, Ranbaxy, Big Bazaar, Naroda Industries and the Rotary Club.

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